Hello everyone,

My Name is Ionuț (Romanian for Johnny in English and Johannes in German:) ), I’m twenty-something years old and I work and enjoy life in Romania’s Capital City, Bucharest.

I’m really new to blogging, finally decided to get started down this road. This blog got started partly because I wanted a place to have “notes to self” and also I thought I may not be the only person that can benefit from this knowledge, and obviously learn from it. The articles will be mostly technical, involving tips and tricks, views, essentially any piece of knowledge a System Administrator working in a SMB/Enterprise Wannabe may find useful.

I hope you have a good experience on this website, enjoy the read. If you need to get in touch with me, use the form below:

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4 Responses to About

  1. I’m impressed with the articles I’ve read here and plan to read up on Forefront. I looked through your articles on Windows PE, and was wondering if you had any experience with scripting in PE during Windows Deployment Services- basically, we want to check a database of identifiers (SN, MAC, anything) to make sure the computer in question is SUPPOSED to get reloaded 🙂

    Thanks in advance for sharing if you know of anything. Otherwise, enjoy another warm day in Bucharest… looks like your weather is similar to ours here in Pennsylvania, USA.


  2. Salut. Ai cateva articole super interesante. Nu te intereseaza o colaborare cu Winadmin?

  3. Anders says:

    no comment fields, and no contact info.
    Any way to reach with a question on one of your posts?

    • Ionut Nica says:


      Comments do work, they are just moderated. Some posts have comments disabled after a certain time period. I’ll take a look see how they can be permanently on. As far as the contact info goes, my twitter handle is @IonutN – we can talk more there.
      I’ve also added a contact form to the about page, feel free to use that one

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